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About Georgian tea

About the origin of “MEGOBARI” tea Our company is rehabilitating tea plantations abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Union. With the support of the Georgian government, we were able to revive one of the most famous tea plantations in the Guria region. It's a fantastic place with wonderful climatic conditions, which are ideal for growing tea.

Age-old traditions. Family values. Quality.

Our plantation

Store addresses, where you can buy our tea

MoscowSaint PetersburgTyumen
  • Tea Lions
    Leningradskoe shosse, 28, building 1
  • Thread
    Bolshaya Ordynka, 46с3
  • Tea Club @kitchai_club
    st. Zemlyanoy Val, 64 building 2
    Barrikadnaya 2nd, building 1
  • Tea Shop
    BC Contact, Ostapovsky proezd, 5с1
  • Tea Shop Coppa Piena
    Ave. Marshal Zhukov, 60 ​
  • Tea Studio @chastudiospb
    7th line V.O. 34, 2nd floor
  • Sea of Tea
    st. Efimova, 6
  • Tea Shop TEAMEN
    Chelyuskintsev, 50
  • Tea Harbor @gachami_tea
    st. Minsk, 102
  • Restaurant Gruzinka
    May Day, 48
  • Country house
    Republic, 45
  • Island
    TC Kolumb, Moskovsky Trakt, 118
  • Gifts of the Sun
    Engels, 12​
    Marine Avenue, 11
    Sunrise, 3
  • Country house
    Malysheva, 56
  • Country house
    SEC Soyuz, 30 years of Victory, 46
Minsk, BelarusGeorgia, Batumi
  • Tea Shop
    Ave. Independence, 28
  • Space MANIPURA
    Saiatnova, 6