Information for agritourists and volunteers

Georgia, Guria region

Program 29.08 - 4.09, 2024

From the inviting

Transfer: Tbilisi - Guria,
Guria - Tbilisi

Meeting point: Tbilisi bus station

Cost: 4000 rub/person

Accommodation is planned in families with local residents. Will be provided:

  • Bed sheets
  • Towels
  • Iron
  • Blanket (for cold nights)
  • Possibility to wash clothes

Cooking breakfast and lunch (traditional Georgian cuisine).
Dinner outside the home or on your own (there will be an opportunity to drop by the store).
Access to refrigerator, water, tea and coffee around the clock.

RF cards do not work.

Planned work schedule

Rise at will

7:00 - breakfast
8:00 - 12:00 (with breaks as needed) – plantation work (tea picking, sorting, packaging, weed control, tea preparation, tasting)
13:00 - lunch

Free time: walks around the area, trips outside the village on excursions are possible.
It is possible to rent a car and a driver.
Dinner: we cook ourselves, sometimes there will be trips to the cafe. Listen to traditional music and dance.

23:00 - lights out

One full day off per week, excursion to Bakhmaro for 1 day.

A bonus is the opportunity to collect tea for yourself. which they themselves have collected and prepared, as a gift of merch. Thank you letter or certificate for active participation! If possible, we will visit the tea masters of Georgia and visit the Shota Bitadze tea museum and perhaps even meet in person.

From volunteers:

  • Buying round trip tickets. Meeting point: Nagomari village (if transfer is required, please inform additionally).
  • Payment: per person 1000 rubles per day (accommodation + breakfast + lunch included)
  • Order and respect for other people's property and tea bushes.
  • Work on tea plantations for 4-5 hours a day.
  • Respect for local people and culture.
  • Notification of your plans to the organizers.
  • Be in touch with the organizers.