The history of our growth tea

Our tea grows in Georgia, in the region of Guria. The altitude of our plantations is approximately 300-450 meters above sea level.

The climate and the number of sunny days a year allow the tea leaves to gain strength and beneficial properties. These is also a mountain river in our area, which creates natural humidification, significantly increasing the quality of MEGOBARI tea.

Black tea (Red)

Black tea (Red)

Georgian Megobari black tea (black tea) is a classic organic black tea harvested for friends in Georgia.

Since we only use hand-harvesting and processing leading to quality raw material - only 2-3 leaves are used for preparation.

Tea is collected and prepared in the best tea region of Georgia - Guria.

Taste: the bouquet of ready-made tea is thin, warm, bright and saturated. Velvety aftertaste and mild tonic effect

Color: has a reddish hue after brewing

Preparation method: recommended - ceremonial, drunk in pours, reveals itself most vividly on the second-third pour

Green tea

Green tea

In Soviet times, Georgian green tea gained its popularity due to its good cleansing properties as well as its ability to boost the immune system. This tea will be a revelation for fans of green tea. This kind of tea is considered to be the drink of longevity.

Fresh green tea has several advantages:
• Light aroma
• Delicate flavor
• A fresh cooling aftertaste
• Evitalizing effect
• Purification and strengthening of the body

Color: should be vvibrant. Its emerald green color means it was carefully stored and transported without contact with oxygen and sunlight, which means it retains all its properties.

Preparation method: The ideal vessel for brewing delicate green teas is the Chinese traditional gaiwan, a bowl on a saucer with a lid. About 1 tablespoon of tea is taken per small, preheated gaiwan. The first 3 infusions take 2-3 seconds. The time can be increased to 10 seconds for the next brews.

This method allows to:
1. Drink less liquid
2. Brew tea five or more times
3. Get the most out of tea