Our Story

Megobari means "Friend" in Georgian. This name did not come to us immediately, but it fully reflects our product, which is collected and processed in a friendly atmosphere. Our team is a team of professionals with extensive experience in tea production. Over time we have become not just neighbors, we have become a family. Tea unites us, introduces us to new people and expands our horizons.

We invite you to come to our tea plantation and feel welcomed by our friendly team of tea professionals. You can participate in the collection and processing of tea, and at the end of the workday you can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea in the company of new friends

Picking tea from our plantation
MEGOBARI - Georgian tea

My father always used to say that my brother and I should definitely keep in touch with each other when we grow up, despite the fact that he lives in Georgia and I live in Russia. There are thousands of kilometers between us, but this is no obstacle for us. So we decided to create our first family tea-growing business.

The path from the revival of tea plantations to the production of ready-made tea is long and difficult. And during the pocess, quite a few challenges arise. But, despite the obstacles, we are confidently moving towards our goal - to grow tea of the highest quality, which will delight the whole World with its taste and aroma. We consider it a special task to create an environmentally friendly product and preserve the natural resources of our Planet.


At the beginning of 2023, our team began work on a new IT project. The product of the work will be a platform that will allow users to communicate directly with farmers. The concept being developed will make natural farm products more accessible to buyers, and will also enable farmers to advance the volume of products that need to be prepared for sale.